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How the hell am I supposed to read that scrawny asssed map? It don't get no bigger than this right here. I can't tell anything from it other than seeing lostsa colors everywhere west of TX. I'm gonna assume those colors mean somebody other than private property owners own the land...

So, Indians own 33,270 miles of land. Do they let YOU shoot on it? If they don't, that knocks your state total down to 31,254 miles of land.

How much do we deduct for those areas of BLM land that are off limits to shooting? Find out here and then adjust the numbers:

How much deduction for National Parks land that is off limits to shooting? Run the numbers...

How about the state parks? DoD land, lands owned by NFS, USACE, USBR, USFS, and all the rest of the
public" lands, what about them? How much do we deduct from your big number due to areas within those jurisdictions in which shooting is not allowed? Do the numbers again...

It might turn out that your initial numbers minus non shooting land miles may still be more than the number of miles public use land available to shoot on in TX. But, the way you have presented the argument thus far smacks of demagoguery and obfuscation normally associated with politicians. It's fine if you don't approve of private property and the rights attendant thereto. Don't piss down our necks and tell us it's raining, though. Besides, the entirety of TX private lands on which the owners can shoot anything they want completely dwarfs the entire state of AZ and several other western "public lands" states where you have to deal with some shit-head you don't know shooting in the same area and leaving their trash behind.

But that's OK. If you like it there then stay there if you want. I'm staying here.

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