Commie, commie.
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I have no problem with private land ownership or property rights.

If a landowner says no lowlife verminskum with guns on my property, that's the way it is.

And that leaves the vast majority of Texas shooters in a suck of a situation.

Not the case here. Plenty of public land. And a great range 15 minutes away.

I have no desire to reside in Texas again. It's looking like it's rapidly going blue, anyway. Before Arizona, even.

I do like my contract work there. No state taxes.

Constitutional and open carry.

And our Phoenix cops are batting 50% kills in shootings and are killing more criminals than any other city.

Heck, Arizona is deathing them at a rate five to six times Texas.

For every one like me leaving, you're getting six Californians. Maybe a dozen.

That will be the deciding factor in the long run.

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