Learned something.

I hadn't though about using it to locate my vehicle. Now I have another tool in my belt. I'd do the lock unlock beep thing, but now have it set where only the lights flash. Don't need the neighbors being annoyed about my comings and goings.

I have found a use for the alarm, however. Once.

Was in Las Vegas. Burger joint that had a gas/convenience store rear facing the dining area I was seated at. I'm watching local denizens come around the back of the store, pulling stuff out of their pants or backpacks. Others already there were doing the same - and hurried exchanges were being done as they conversed. Some would then come into the burger joint and head to the bathroom. To shoot up the drugs they had just received by trading the items they had just shoplifted. Pretty easy to figure out what was going on. I'm waiting for my food and watching reality TV in real time.

Now, I had backed my car in, in a spot just behind the convenience store where they were doing all this. Suddenly, I see two of them walk to the rear of my car and they are about to lean on my trunk. As I get up to walk outside to address them, they are about to make physical contact. Nope.

Panic alarm.

They both jump and give each other the wtf look. I come outside and stand on the sidewalk and look at them sternly and shut the alarm off. They don't associate the alarm and my appearance - and move to lean on my car again. This time I yelled at them from about 50-60 feet away, "Don't touch my car." They just murmur some bullshit. Nothing confrontational, but saving face dismissive posturing. I'm not having it.

"If you didn't like the alarm, you're really not going to like me calling Metro for a 415A response and the ambulance siren if you touch my car."

415A = Assault and battery with a gun.

They moved away from my car. I'm 6'1", 240, and look like the guy who's car you don't want to lean on. And the inference of LE showing up, well, they didn't need to know what a 415A was, but the tone implied it wasn't anything they wanted to know about.

I went back inside and sat down to eat. The could plainly see me dining.

The best part was, a few more associates came around back to join them and moved to lean on my car. The previous duo were very adamant about having them not do that.

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