Woman Manages To Board Airplane Without ID Or Boarding Pass

A woman was taken off a Delta Air Lines flight between Orlando and Atlanta by the police after she managed to board without showing ID or having a boarding pass. When a passenger who had a boarding pass for the seat she was sitting in confronted her, the woman claimed she was sitting in the correct seat and refused to move. Members of the flight crew asked to see her boarding pass, but she told them she threw it in the garbage once she got on the plane.

The woman was asked to show identification but only showed flight attendants a selfie on her phone. The flight crew searched through the garbage on the plane and could not locate the woman's boarding pass. After she refused to budge from the seat, the police were called and escorted her off the plane.

It is unclear how the woman managed to get through security and onto the plane without a boarding pass or identification. The TSA says the woman was screened but did not elaborate on how she was able to get past the security checkpoint.

"Delta is working with local law enforcement and the Transportation Security Administration on their investigation, and we are conducting our own review of this as well. Safety and security is always our top priority," Morgan Durrant, a Delta Air Lines representative, said.

After the woman was removed from the plane, all the passengers were rescreened. The flight was delayed by three hours as a result of the incident.

Authorities did not release any details about the incident, and it is unclear what charges, if any, the woman will face.

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