Yesterday South China Morning Post was reporting
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"A key Chinese business partner of Hunter Biden said the Chinese state-backed private equity company was conducting 'internal studies' on whether, and how, to explain the son of former vice-president Joe Biden's role in the company."

Today SCMP is reporting China will not be investigating Hunter Biden out of respect for a principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. While that is from the government, I doubt we'll see the Chinese state-backed private equity company take any tone other than the one the Chinese government has set.

This is perfect for Trump. The Dems alleged Trump was colluding with the Russians, but Mueller exhaustively disproved that. Now we know that Hunter Biden had these dealings with the Chinese and the Ukrainians, but no one has any answers about that. It won't be Mueller or the House Dems voting next year; it will be the American people.

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