Cleveland suburb PD has nasty guns *Link*

There is some nasty, uppity, gun-hating wussy named Ed Gallick at FOX News Center 8 in Cleveland who heads up the I-Team. He is married to a fellow I-Teamer, Peggy Gallick, who looks about 60 and tries to dress like she's 30. But that is beside the point.
Last night I was watching the news and they had a shocking expose, trying to find out why a suburban Cleveland city, Highland Hills, allowed its Police Department to acquire military-grade weapons. I am watching the video and the retard Chief of Police is showing off an M60. I can't tell if it is F/A or S/A, but he describes it as a .50 cal. A machine gun on steroids.
They also found that the PD had sold some of the guns to a Police supply house for a credit, and were baffled why they sold those guns and did not call the Feds instead.

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