It's all so clear to me now

I think what we're seeing is the tip of the kickback iceberg. A billion dollars in "aid" goes into some country with the understanding that a percentage of it had dam well better be used as kickbacks in the form of salaries from shell corporations and donations to bogus foundations and probably a host of other things these fuckbags do to get our tax dollars back in their pockets. My guess is that this has been going on for decades and it's just now being exposed for what it really is. To put it simply, its government money laundering designed solely to enrich filthy politicians in their own special little clubs. You wonder how they all become millionaires so many times over so fast? This is it. Now that we're seeing it for what it really is, in my opinion, is why they're all so pissed off and they will stop at nothing including a fictitious impeachment to remove a duly elected president or even killing him to shut him up permanently, I hope his security is more vigilant now and in the near future than ever. It's not only completely criminal but it's so filthy, so low it's beyond disgusting. The worst part? Nothing will ever happen to any of them. They're protected from those who are supposed to enforce the laws in this country but we've seen how that works for the protected class to whom the laws do not matter one bit. Oh and get ready for the hildabeast, that bitch will stop at nothing to get in to quash all of this and set things straight according to their demented idea for vision of this country and it's all already been arranged. Prove me wrong.

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