Yep we're doing that now. But here is

the big problem with that. The rules say that if you turn off a circuit due to fire danger, the entire circuit must be visually inspected before being turned back on. So, while it may only be a few hours of wind/low humidity/ fire danger, it will be days or weeks before it all gets looked at and turned back on. Then, when you are part way thru inspecting, another fire warning is called and it gets shut down again. That is the PUC's rules, not the utilities. There are 32 crews in just one area right now on overtime doing just that, and no end in sight. Not sure what the end outcome will be, but its not working . And I'm sure all those costs will be passed on. There are a LOT of pissed off people, hopefully that will get things changed. Another case of not thinking things thru before making rules.

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