So i’m looking on clist for an aluminum brake...

To being my home,into the 2020’s, i need new windows. Mine are 27 years old and have been replaced once already since the house was put up in 71.
I also very much would like to get new siding, but that can wait. The aluminum siding really dates the house.

A shrewd buddy at work is getting the same thing done. His wifes mother lived in the apt above their garage and recently passed. The apartment is circa late 60’s and he’s gutting the apt, doing it over himself and doing all new siding and windows.

He wants guys to come in and bang the job out in a week. So he’s gotten quotes from the usuals, lowes, home depot, a couple local outfits who’ve been in business in the area for years, Window World, Comfort Windows and doors, and a couple more.

He said he’s kicked 2 guys out already. So far the quotes are ridiculous, with the estimators massively jacking up the prices, and trying to get one over on him. The storys he’s telling me are insane. These mother fuckers have balls. I was listening to another guy in our circle telling a story of how one estimator helped himself to a couple beers during the estimate, and once my buddy Asked him to leave because the estimate was insanely high, the guy asked to strum my buddys guitar on the way out. My coworker said how about i let you fuck my wife while you are at it. And kicked him out.
Anyway my one coworker was quoted THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for new windows, so he bought them himself for a little less than 4 grand and did them himself. His buddy trimmed them out.

Long story short, i’m super handy. I can handle the windows myself. And with the help of youtube, i can run a press brake. I figured i’ll do my windows myself. So i go to look on clist for an aluminum brake, assuming there will be several to choose from... nope, closest is 35 min away and asking is 1800 for what looks well used, and the tapco website shows it new for 1900.

I’m not gonna rent a brake at 75 a day from home depot, and deal with the hassle of pick up and return. Shit if i have to, i’ll buy new and sell when i’m done with it.

Qwershun, am i using the wrong term when searching the tools section of clist? I look for ‘aluminum brake’. Or press brake. I get very few results.

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