I have lived in temp apartments for work

like 4-12 weeks at time. Its cheaper to rent an apartment than hotels for 3 months and in that job we got per deium so we tried to bank some of the money. We tended to rent with a guy on the opposite shift and I was usually on nights so I would find a day shift guy to split the rent with.

I have had some bad times because the available short term furnished apartments were usually in bad areas.

One place in western Phoenix took the cake. We all had rental cars and between the crew 6 of them were stolen. The apartment seemed to be full of illegal mexicans. they didn't have a job and just hung around outside all day smoking. Luckily I was on night shift and they didn't start getting noisy until I was about to go to work. The day shift guy got no sleep because the mexicans stayed up all night partying.

I was missing my G19 on that deployment.

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