True Story Time-The noise complaints
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The first story was a call of a woman screaming on a nice Summer evening. I race over and sure enough, hear a very loud screamer. The difference was the woman was screaming out of passion and not terror. I mean it was blood curdling level screaming. I've had loud lovers but not like this one. She would need a mandatory red rubber ball gag if I went on a second date with her. It took quite a while to get the amorous couple to open the door. It would have been easier to uncouple a pair of dogs in heat. BTW, she was a looker. Sorry, no pics back in those days.

Story number two was a Saturday night loud party complaint in an upstairs apartment. I park and have no problem finding the place. It was loud in every way; music, talking and carousing. All the voices sound female. I knock on the door and the apartment was filled with young women that screamed and applauded when I entered. It was definitely not the way I was ever welcomed before or since while on duty. No one is ever really happy to see the cops at the door. A woman grabs me and pulls me inside telling me that I am an hour late and that the party had started w/o me. I immediately realized that they thought I was the stripper cop that they had ordered for their bachelorette party. I burst their bubble when I revealed that I was the reap police sent there to tell them to tone it down. The girls were very nice and wanted to know when I got off duty and if I wanted to earn some extra cash. I demured, of course, but it was a tantalizing request nonetheless. The only other party that I've been misidentified were Halloween parties. I could always get invited into one of those and wander around for a bit before locating the owner and making my official presence known. They were fun calls.

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