I have lived in a few, hate them.
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When young I lived in them while in the military because the military can give you orders to leave any time and I didn't want the hassle of having to try to sell my home. The 2nd time was when I moved to take a job in a area I wasn't familiar. I wanted to rent for a while while I explored the new area and found a home or property to build one.

The girl that lived above me had a heroine addict for a boyfriend. I use to listen to her beat on her and it was hard not to get involved. When she was done with him and he returned demanding at midnight to enter her apartment to get his shit she told him nothing in that home was his. He wanted to get a video game system he gave to her children for Christmas years ago to sell for drug money. She blocked the stairs and wasn't letting him in the home. He threatened to harm her and enter anyway. I came out not happy due to early job and less sleep than I needed. I told him it was her home, he has no say, and I have already called the police. He drove there drunk in his beat to hell hippy van with hundreds of bumper stickers inside the van. He told me he should kick my ass. I told him it wasn't a good idea. I had already picked out a spot on the brick wall for him and was really not in the best of moods. It could have easily gone bad. He had a no trespass order against him. I also sent a couple other yutes to jail by calling the police when they were going through all the vehicles. I heard them outside and turned on my TV that had a security cam pointed at the parking lot. Turns out they were looking for change for gas. When I moved out, I said I would never move into another apartment. I would rather live in a tent at a state park and leave my things in a storage unit.

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