I find that hard to believe

The gun section at the Dick's in Northern VA is/was a pretty small part of the overall store. I'd go up there and look around when my wife was taking the kids to get sporting equipment (mostly baseball stuff). The guy working the counter seemed pretty clueless and their inventory wasn't much compared to a real gun shop. I did buy a Ruger 10/22 there once for my 14 year old son to shoot when we were all there buying over priced baseball bats. . The guy fucked up the paperwork and called me at home in a panic a few hours later, pleading for me to come back. I agreed to. There was a box on one of the forms that wasn't initialed. Both he and his supervisor checked the forms before I left with the rifle. Given the fairly low stock of both guns and ammo, it would never occur to me to drive there if I was looking for a gun. I never saw an AR-15 there. All they seemed to have in large supply was shotgun shells. I haven't been back there in over a year. I can't imagine the lame gun department there has changed much.

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