Re: We talking Hillary in human form or Lizard form?

it’s like the half an half. it is human projection but there seems to be non scaly
looking marks on her forehead very odd . to bad it is on drudge.
the font is clearly evident. must have been what the hebrew prophets
saw in their visions of the end times . i figure she’s the evil one in the
book of revelations the whore of babylon
marked with blasphemy’s makes me wish i had gone to college
for biblical archeology. that one mark is clearly the upside down Y symbol.
which is part of the ancient babylonian alphabet. called cuniform.
when you need to see the zodiac in the night sky you staring at the sky’s stars.
do that to save money on your debit. lol
to throw up on your shoes stare at hillary’s face .
i just resolved the face of a demon on hillary’s left cheek.
it looks like a screaming joe biden. i wonder what hillary’s husband has seen
when they dated in college . must have been so horrific bill never talks about it
no wonder he got to hitting on every skirt that walked near him .

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