Well if you want an apartment choose an older building

Crap built in the last 20 or more years in generally uninsulated 2x4 thin sheet rock interiors
Some places you can actually hear folks farting and shitting in the next unit.

Last apartment I had was in an old mansion that had been sub divided in the 40s
it was really quiet even when my blonde stripper neighbor had her parties, louder in the staircase than elsewhere in the building
I could crank my Denon receiver up, no complaints
Only one problem in the building
Crazy old blonde cunt. She kept calling city coppers on me claiming I was holding a girl hostage
well always gave the popo a walk through, third fail she took a swing at an are Protecting Him because he's a MAN shit, after that we had the landlord evict her crazy pants ass

Did you look in his closets, under his bed ???
like WTF ?
witch accused a PTSD Vet of being a Pedo before that
he just hung in his apartment, convinced the landlord to kick him out

Classic was her calling a burglary 911
neighbor was moving out when the Police stormed in
broad was bat shit insane

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