USSC Wayfair/SD

subsequently, individual states have updated their laws to take advantage of this ruling.

tip: not all vendors have updated their online engines to link your state to the necessary
tax. so, best to fill in the order as if you were ordering (fake info), plug in your state and
see if their online order engine assesses the sales tax. During my online ordering, I've
been able to avoid nearly $1k in sales tax this year.

i've also had some of my non-urgent orders sent to next door Oregon to a relative's home
and she brings it up with her when she visits every few months.

oh, another trick: when ordering software, there is an even-better chance that you can
avoid the sales tax normally dinged you if your "shipping address" is in a state which
does not require that it be collected. with software, instead of selecting a physical
shipment, I opt for an instant downloaded version which comes to my PC right away.
I've not found a vendor who pings your IP address to ensure that it matches with your
reported "shipping" address.

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