Re: Oy. The Germans are a bunch of bloody pikers

the germans didn’t understand by trying to take over the whole world they were
practicing,an inside out plan for genocide ,their own extinction.
i mean really the best part of that nations gene pool got killed in the war.
and many families fled to america right before ww1 started they saw what was
moving in they’re direction. and then post ww2 we picked up so much of the germans
intellectuals . hitler was such a dumb bunny . he should have stalled his
war plans for 30 years while he built up his super soldier plans .
with no allied bombing of german he would have been 100 years ahead of everyone.
with no war threat america would not have started the nuke bomb
program for 30 years . by then hitler’s mach 5 super sonic bombers
would rule the sky’s .
but that’s what happens when hitler became a drug addict.

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