I agree with you. Don't give them the viewer stats *Link*

Cable charges for commercials and they charge more for large events. If the viewership goes down, they can't charge as much for the commercials. When they are not as valuable, the players salaries go down, the NFL becomes less relevant. Sure an all-out boycott would be better, just like a boycott on Amazon. Some have become hooked on certain things in life and if those things begin to screw us over, at least he is trying to screw them over while he enjoys it. Kind of like watching a link to a youtube video, I still post them even though Google is our mortal enemy. I believe there is a way to do it where they don't benefit as much, but I'm getting lazy and they still get posted.

I use over the air (OTA) TV as well. I have a Tablo dvr that records it, and I even have a program for my computer that will go on the recorder through the network and download it as a MP4 if it is worth saving. I have never been a sportsball fan of any kind, or NASCAR. I did enjoy the Shooting U.S.A. show when it was on.

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