Thats not the game at all here TC:

Biden's handlers have been clear on policy objectives regarding guns

Anything deemed an "Assault Weapon" would either be "bought back" or one will be allowed to register them under the NFA
what's never been clear is what they would establish as a transfer fee once registered
there's another clear and apparent danger to all this

High chances Congress may try to raise transfer taxes on existing NFA
I could see Progressives demanding $50 transfers on "Assault Weapons", perhaps even one or two hundred
then adjusting the 1935 tax rates for inflation on MGs, Cans, etc

This also would flood the NFTR to unworkable levels of course
Millions of guns potentially

Of course Beta the Dork was endorsed by Dementia Joe back in January as his future Gun Czar
note, the Dork is doing commercials for Biden currently so he has obviously been told he will be a player in a new administration

Crazy business

This isnt even getting in the magazine ban

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