If you are going to see Aunty Fay

Take plenty of supplies..... Get an extra shelf that goes on the back trailer hitch of your car and you can save on tolls by covering your plate with a cooler

Ship your covered car by carrier to somewhere to pick it up maybe

Remember to always comply with mask and glasses requirements for ppe.... maybe dark glasses?

As it gets cooler in parts of our country hoodies and maybe even tyvek suits you can take on or off and not feel bad about tossing away in a dumpster fire

Sleeping bag in the back and have a friend drive..... Play a game and dress alike in the same mask and glasses and hoodie

Take a few different masks and hoodies with you as some regions have contests and you would like to blend in with the crowd on your way back

Convince your kids you are going up to varioius apartments practicing for Halloween coming up

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