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Hi all,
Some of this may be in the 'repeat' file so forgive.

Interesting month for failures.
Had the Power Supply Unit (PSU) in this desk top fail.
Turned it off one day and it would not turn on again.
Had to do a component level repair on it to make it run.

Fast forward a few days, and the 3D printer craps out.
When your favorite tool fails from something dumb it's never a lot of fun.

Anyhow, I load it's programs/patterns into to SD memory cards.
Push the cards into the slot on the side of the printer, press some buttons and a menu comes up on the control box with the file names of the various patters on the card.
Select the pattern to print and it's off and running.
Then the control box on the printer stopped reading the SD cards.
Think about it, that little socket has been used hard since the day I got the printer.
The usual fixes did not work.
More than likely the socket has worn out and won't be getting better.

This socket is part of the main board that runs the printer.
Looked it up and found out the early editions of this board (the one I have) had a nasty little problem.
They would fail in such a way to allow the bed and extruder heater to run wild and in some cases catch fire.

Also found an internal fan in the control box had packed it in.
The bearings bound up and the little motor in the fan can't possibly turn it.
It was there for a reason, and I don't have any extras laying around.

Amazon had new boards for the machine and fans (also got a case fan, being pro active).
Money changes hands and parts are on the way. (So nice to say that!)
That's due in on Tuesday.

My second favorite tool is scattered in parts.
I can design stuff but are on a parts hold for building anything.
Screws in a cup, bottom cover to the side and the main box upside down with it's innards exposed like a road kill squirrel.

Looking forward to a delivery.

In other news.

The dog seems to want me to wake up around first light, kinda sorta makes sense.

So feed DeJay pug and get ready for a walk.
Been taking to calling this "The Dawn Patrol".
A walk around the neighborhood.
Abuse the lawn kind of mission.

May have avoided my second Rule 3 violation of the month.
06:30 and I see a car in the strip mall behind the apartment block.
A lone female is sitting in the drivers seat, feet out to the side.

One thing about having a pug, nearly everybody likes small dogs, this one was no exception.

DeJay wants to do a meet and greet.
We wander over to this lady with the car.
Ohh's Ahh's pets. The greet the little dog standard routine.
Seems normal enough until I get a look at the window stickers on the car.
Two death's head skulls, little different, females are not usually attracted to that kind of imagery.
The much larger bright pink death's head skull with a little pink bow jauntily to the side was very different.
Think of Hello Kitty on a date with the Punisher.
Never saw that before.
She seemed normal enough for dawn on a Sunday morning as the dog and I departed for the nearest intersection.

On the subject of weirds.

Thursday last. Was at the intersection of S. Rosemont and Holland.
This is a NS and EW type intersection.
Im S bound on Rosemont at the light in the left turn lane to Holland Road.
There is a narrow little island in the middle of the road.
On this little island in traffic no less, two kids are having some kind of dance party.
Two males, and some kind of portable music system (not a boom box).
They were just dancing and having a good time. Not a threat detected.
No signs, no agendas, portable party in the road.
Very weird.

Where Im from it's like trying to have a cook out on the center median of the Long Island Expressway.
Just can't be a good idea.

The last weird is this.

There is this somewhat suffering little strip mall behind the apartment block. Hope this works.,+Virginia+Beach,+VA+23462/@36.8099148,-76.0941635,200m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89babfe35a32df89:0x2eb45335b6f09b49!8m2!3d36.813226!4d-76.0981681

Where your anchor store is a Napa Auto Parts, you don't expect much.
The next biggest operation is the bar called Scandals.
The butcher shop packed it in, they are now gone.

But the new message parlor turned on it's open light.
Around here they have a reputation, and it's a lot of things but not at all savory.
About six months between opening day and the first police raid is average.

Out with the dog last night, there is an alley with limited parking behind the strip mall.
I see more cars back there than at any other time in the last five years.

Who do they think they are fooling?

This is the same pattern that the message parlor down the street from where I used to fix radios operated from.
The management parks in front and 'clients' try not to be noticed.

Coming up on 1400 here.

The dog gets a 'piddle' break.
May go to the local upscale super market and have a look around.

Continuing my mask protest, I put one on and refuse to use it properly, like 95% of the other users, I leave the nose exposed.
Perhaps I will get the chance to abuse a Karen or two.

If this is the worst I have to report, then things are not too bad.
Thanks for the help in keeping me sane.

Jack Crow