prob not. see inside
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usually when a company is routinely sending such info to the IRS they send you a copy as well. For example I sell prints on Etsy. For annual sales revenue of over $20k i think it is...Etsy does submit a form to IRS and also sends one to me. Its revenue/sales- gross....they dont have cost basis etc etc. Also I'm a retailer as far as etsy is concerned...not a one off seller of a single product or whatever.

So... while yes...all your actions are recorded somewhere- prob sitting in a data center in Utah as surely as this post itself is... No...GB prob isnt sending your info to the IRS. Sending to IRS is different from sending to the govt in general, etc of course.

In short.... I wouldnt worry about it. Additionally the IRS wouldnt have your cost basis to start with...and you kinda need both to determine any gains on such....

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