Millions of ActBlue Donations Are From Untraceable ‘Unemployed’ Donors

ActBlue is an online fundraising software exclusively shared with Democratic Party candidates, organizations, and affiliated groups to fuel small-dollar donations.

It became a digital fundraising juggernaut in almost no time at all. Yet its very success has brought heightened scrutiny from Take Back Action Fund, a conservative political group, who’s raising “serious concerns” about millions of donations.

Fox News’ Hollie McKay reports:

A preliminary computer analysis by the Take Back Action Fund, obtained exclusively by Fox News, has found that nearly half of all 2019 donations to ActBlue were made by people claiming to be unemployed.

Action Fund President John Pudner questioned the veracity of those donations and called it a loophole that must be closed for the sake of election integrity.

“After downloading hundreds of millions of [dollars in] donations to the Take Back Action Fund servers, we were shocked to see that almost half of the donations to ActBlue in 2019 claimed to be unemployed individuals,” he said. “The name of employers must be disclosed when making political donations, but more than 4.7 million donations came from people who claimed they did not have an employer. Those 4.7 million donations totaled $346 million ActBlue raised and sent to liberal causes.”

The trend is continuing this year: An Action Fund examination of 2020 data from January through August showed an uptick in “unemployed” donations through ActBlue, to 50.1% this year.

ActBlue vigorously denies the insinuations about the validity of its donations, claiming many come from retirees and people who aren’t counted as employed. Do you think that explanation is reasonable or are you worried that at least some donations could be from foreign adversaries keen to meddle in our election?

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