Saw something funny today....

Patient out in the country gets a power scooter. Fantastic, because he's one who really needs it. I finish final fitting and training, and as I leave, he is trying it out. I get down the road about a quarter mile and stop along the country roadside so that I can work on some paperwork. I see patient coming, little fat blob on a little chair, scooting along at full speed. Well, there are cows in the field beside me. and they see that thing coming. Were largely ignoring me. They all look up at the approaching scooter. Get real interested. What in the hell is that thing? He comes closer. The cows are kind of agitated, moving among themselves, all of them watching that chair closely. Finally can't take it and all of them, about 20, haul ass across the pasture. Don't want any of it. But halfway across, they pause and turn around. What in the hell *is* that thing. A young bull comes out from the crowd, snorting and pawing the earth, and actually trots halfway back across the field, all aggressive like. Gets to the halfway point and stops. Chair still coming. Young bull is like aw hayl naw and hauls ass back into the herd, causing all of them to bolt out of dodge, all of them hauling ass off into the distance.

My patient was laughing, having a ball. Pretty cool to see him smile. Not a lot of reasons for him to do so these days.

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