Re: see through rings.... *Pic*

I suppose see-through rings had a purpose back in the day. Your scope gets fogged over or covered in rain, so you want to see your iron sights. Or the scope simply breaks. For example, not unusual back then for reticle wires to break. My solution was to carry a wide stubby screwdriver, a quarter or hex wrench to remove the scope.

What I really hated about the see through rings was the height of the scope above the bore. Because seldom did any stocks have their comb raised enough even for a low mounted scope. Cheek weld went all to crap, and I'm a firm believe in consistent cheek weld for speed of use, hitting the POA/POI and group size.

Today, scopes have improved greatly in quality and ruggedness, at least well made scopes. There just is not much excuse for succumbing to the temptation of see through rings. Especially if throw lever rings are used or monolithic scope bases.

Here's a perfect example of raising the scope waaaaay too far above the stock comb. The stock is perfect for iron sights. OK for low mounted scopes. Horrible for see through rings.

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