Heard they set up at SOF:

I met David twice in Tulsa
was a run of the mill guy

Heck no less than the Texas Rangers had investigated him, no evidence of bad deeds

The raid was based mainly on a shipment of dummie Grenades from Col. Bubbie's SGN add
story is the box had broke open, UPS fucks called the Sheriff who determined No Foul
thing is a young deputy wasnt satisfied and brought BATF into it hoping for a career move I guess

Feebs started looking at bulk ammo deliveries at that point

Understand most of the Ruby Ridge drama started over UPS reporting bulk shipments of ammo
clown was busting up cases for markup at shows

I was raided over demilled RL83 rocket launchers due to UPS reporting
Had them stacked deep in transit chests in the living room
State cowards made regular fools of themselves. Out of jail the next morning
Bought those right from Bricklee Trading in the 90s
Frankly I could be easily a millionaire now had I chose to sue idiot piggers over dumb shit
thing is that's on the Tax Payer, not dipshits with a badge who skate learning nothing and wash, rinse & repeat idiot behavior
Fuck UPS

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