Well, let us math this somewhat pmf:

overall you are correct, most folks do brief commutes
however many thousands drive 50 to a 100 miles to work.

From here to Polaris in Roseau is 26 miles exactly
couple three hundred here drive 52 miles daily building sleds and ATVs
that's year round' even when it's -40 dead still air

EVs make serious sense for California types or TJ, Floridians too
you guys embracing all this only see your local climate
further you have this idea Everybody has City transit
shit I have to drive south over 80 miles to find a town with even a Taxi service

Gets worse too buddy
to fully charge up that EV means it should be in a heated garage, not sitting on the street. This is basic physics friend
So whats the charge capacity on your EV after 26 miles and you doing an 8 hour shift while it sits in the parking lot subjected to -40 temps ?
use your fucking head for something other than a hat rack dude !

We have miles to go in battery tech to surmount this basic issue

my temporary solution would to be to ban all internal combustion below the freeze zone
Yes, let all you asshats show your teeth
nope not just Cars...lawnmowers, etc too
you fuckers can go all Electric, lets see how that pans out as an experiment

Only EV boats on the southern coast
let the grass grow tall in your HOAs
come on, chip in and do your part Captain Planet

but no you fuckheads wont because you feel all entitled and shit
all worked up because a neighbor has a restored vintage Mustang on grass and shit

this is just retarded totally
just more shitbaggery, if it dont affect me I support it crap because you think you feel good about yourself by doing so are an asshole licking shitbag plain and simple
embrace it.

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