No one attacked us...
Apu was trying to fix the profiles glitch and flipped the wrong switch.
All previous posts are saved and will be available ....maybe....sometime..

We have received a few e-mails and there have been some posts with concerns about us getting booted by our ISP or something similar.

I'm not really concerned about this happening. I'm more concerned about keeping the script running properly re the latest glitch with the profiles.
We are still looking into that.

The board is currently running on three different servers in three different geographical locations under three different ISP. I'm also setting it up on a forth.
The profile glitch happened on two of them at exactly the same time right at the end of the year.
The third location runs fine but at the moment does not have any provision at all for registering profiles but we could switch to that location at anytime if needed.

We have set up an e-mail list for anyone that wants to be on it. It will be used to notify you if there is an outage and where to go to find us again.
This would not be used for a temporary outage but for a full time transfer to the backup bunker.
Most likely the domain name would remain the same, we would just have it pointed to the new board and you would get to us automatically after a brief intermission just by going through the main page.

If you would like to be added just send a note to [email protected] which has been set up for this purpose. Please do not use this for regular communications as it will not be monitored for that.

Thank you all for riding the bus.

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