Random musings on GOP’s suicide as i see it.

1. Republican Party co -opted by an outsider with a larger than life “personality “.

2. What allowed Trump to “ occur” was a R. party which had RINO’d out over the years. It became an entity to exist solely for itself. While all entities are like this -once it becomes common knowledge an entity has reached this point it dies or becomes susceptible to outside influence /change.

3. R. party discovers that “conservatives” as a whole liked Trumps “ candor” /personality more so than old guard GOP itself. GOP resented this but found it HAD to play along and “support” Trump at least superficially once it became obvious Trump was liked by conservatives more than RINO ingested GOP. See Romney and McCain for examples of GOP leaders that the voting public actually detest these days. I mean detest. They are embarrassments you the GOP every bit as much as Trump is viewed now.

4. GOP made a calculated move w this election. They stuck a finger in the air , felt the breeze , & decided they’d rather be on the “winning” side of this election fraud issue. They figured they’d let Trump fight and lose this one on his own while they sat and watched -risking nothing . Said nothing. Did nothing. They are glad to see him leave.

5. GOP prefers to be in the minority but maintaining its existing old guard power structure. It’s perfectly fine being #2 under the Dems control bc each of them still has a pretty sweet gig going. Being a senator or congressman at the national level is pretty special and coveted -regardless of which party is in the majority. So they are fine w “losing” as long as Trump is out and it’s back to business as normal.

6. The Deep State has been exposed. Amazing it has existed this long wo overt attention. Deep State cares not who’s in majority as it plows thru and is trans generational spanning parties and elections and who’s the majority/minority at any point in time. The deep state isn’t some nefarious global canal of child molesters as many would like to believe . Instead it’s just what I described above...a system of power that is larger than any specific administration bc those come and go. In fact the Deep State = Washington DC. It’s about $, favors, coercion, blackmail , etc ...$ is the primary goal.

7. I think the general public now views GOP really as no different from the Dems. They are complicit concerning DC v. Joe 6-pack America. It truly is federalism v. the citizens. Snowden clearly revealed this. And Rs and Ds both hate him intensely for that.

8. The Republican Party committed suicide. While it was clear to me that this election presented each major party w it’s own particular existential threat ( AOC/BLM crazies on D side , Trump personality followers on the R side ) ...I didn’t know which party ultimately would take the hit. Well it was the GOP. Neither party wanted to be in the situation where all it had worked for and built up over the yrs ( esp. working relationships w “members across the isle “ and relationships w the deep state ) was threatened as they have been. But they were forced to fight each other by tooth n Nail this cycle. The voters bifurcated them. There was /is no center. No moderates. It’s the widening gyre. The GOP lost. Big time.

9. The GOP leadership I’m betting has severely underestimated the generational damage that it brought upon itself. Yes... that it brought upon itself. While there’s certainly a conservative contingent relieved that Trump is gone and now GOP can get right back to RINO’ing... I believe the majority ( or at least a sizable %) of voters have lost ALL faith in the party. Bc it’s their party ( GOP members /leaders ) and NOT the conservative voters’ party. I personally know TONS of previously hardcore GOP supporters who now say they’ll “ never vote for a R. just bc the only other choice on the ballot is a D.” Funny how “we”? ended up exactly where Matt has always been. We have all blasted him over the yrs for wasting his vote w weak 3rd parties.... now I promise you there is a sea of former reliablely GOP voters feeling that same way today. Do you think I’ll vote for Wicker ? That’s laughable.

10. It’s DC power structure v. the American Public.

That’s all for now. And I pray for a viable 3rd party to arise.


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