Liz Cheney ( R-WY) supposed comments on impeachment *Link*

This is the telltale from Liz Cheney ( R-WY) ...

“This insurrection caused injury, death and destruction in the most sacred space in our Republic.”

They are just insulted it happened to THEM... the Sacred ...which occupy THEIR Sacred chambers of power.

Anywhere or anyone else...such as say downtown Seattle and they wouldn’t give a rip.

I hope it comes back to bite their Sacred arses every time they set foot outside their protected Sacred chambers ...the holiest of Holies.

Bc they aren’t like you and me. You know. That much should be clear. They are special. I bet ole Mitt Romney didn’t feel so special on his recent commercial flight back to DC the other day. When his conservative constituents were publicly chewing his arse out....

Need more of that. A lot more. Full court press. Yes the Dems won. Yes Trump has brought on a lot of self inflicted damage . Yes the GOP is corrupt at its core for all to see. They had the chance immed after the election to hold full open honest investigation on any such purported widespread voter fraud ...& they did and said nothing. If they had addressed it fully then we wouldn’t be here now. But they didn’t. So they blame Trump...and us.

For violating their Sacred chambers.
They can all piss off for all I care.
ANY 3rd party quack primarying against them I will support w vote and cash. For no other reason than spite. Congratulations GOP.... keep it up. Record the impeachment vote for all of us to behold.

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