Actually there is a blueprint for what they are thinking.

That being how it is run in Germany and Switzerland. If you want a military gun and ammo it is by permit and you have to get in line at the local police station. They process your application, take pictures, fingerprint, interview and they make a file.

All the guns and ammo you get are reported to that file. Copies of the file are on computer and available to every government agency.

They will not need fingerprint cards, that will be taken care of at the local police station as you get into line. It will be a long line, but that is the point. Most of the local police stations here went digital with DHS grants a few years, so the fingerprint taking is via a computer and scanner and it only takes a second. And it scans your entire hand and palm. Takes down every swirl and ridge in graphic detail.

The technology is there to make this happen, and Biden will fuck the NFA laws into oblivion. One thing is for sure, the destructive device clause will be extended to semi autos and any magazine/clip/feeding device over a few rounds. The best part is the Fudds will not escape the coming calamity. They are about to get gored by the ox as much as the "Class 3 License" holder.

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