Before the inadvertent board flush, I predicted $12/gallon milk next year

And, as someone else posted months ago, if milk goes to $100 a gallon, it isn't the price of milk that has changed.

In some sense, hyperinflation may be a favorable alternative compared to wealth redistribution via the Dems' traditionally favored confiscatory taxation to fund the Dems woke economic agenda, yet that may be a distinction without a difference. The hyperinflationary dispensing of debased fiat currency will undoubtedly exclude those who cherish personal liberty so as to permanently marginalize any who might oppose the Dems. I would not be surprised if one's application to receive one's wheelbarrow of freshly printed funny money will include McCarthy-style questions, such as "Are you now, or have you ever been, a Trump supporter?" Who needs slavery reparations when racial criteria can be just one of many variables to make one a pandemic stimulus lottery winner or, alternatively, to wipe out one's life savings? My rice and beans are just part of my preparation for a world in which I won't be able to afford anything else.

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