Exc thoughtful commentary but i disagree on some details.

I do not hold trump responsible for the deaths.
I hold those that immed caused the deaths as responsible. That would be the trigger man.

I hold congress responsible for dereliction of duty in not holding open fair investigation into fraud issue.
They did no such thing.
That allowed conspiracies and angst to flourish.
True ...trump did little to quash that. At best.
Trump does have some responsibility here - ya know being president and all.
We have 2 months to sort this out- we got nothing but played folks.
Kraken and all.

Lastly and most importantly ....
It’s binary.

Either election altering widespread coordinated fraud occurred - which in case I feel everyone’s reaction should have been MUCH more violent and forceful ...& which in case the Capitol mob gets my full on support and I wish it had been bigger/worse/plug in your term here. Fraud in a USA national election is serious constitutional business and warrants no-holds barred responses IMO.


Fraud did not occur ...which in case we all suck.bad. But Esp our leaders again who could have but chose not to investigate it openly and fairly. In this case I do hold essentially all politicians but esp Team Trump and GOP responsible for not addressing this and instead silently watch it fester.

Either option is bad. No winners. 1st one is still worse.

So pick it. Fraud or no fraud. It’s really that simple. There is no room for yes fraud but no, what the protestors did is bad.

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