They need 2/3 in the Senate, or 67 of 100 votes.

Mitch said he wasn't going to do it on the 1 day available. I say they didn't review any evidence, do any investigation etc. but all claimed they could not wait 1 minute longer to remove him from office because he might declassify things etc. We all know that is crap because the proceedings don't even start until he is out of office in the Senate. If Mitch had any balls he would do the impeachment in 1 day, just like the house did. Up or down vote while be still have a majority and Schumer is not in charge to run things. Mitch is intentionally throwing it to Schumer because he wants Trump out of office. The Republicans may find the votes just so they don't have to face Trump in 2024. Personally, I think it would be Karma if Trump won in 2024 after a bit of time to study what he wants to do next. If they screw Trump over, I may do a write-in vote with 80 million pissed off Americans even if he can't hold office.

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