I'm walking away. I mean seriously, what are we fighting for. *Pic*

The madness for me started back in March with the initial economic lockdown. I watched everyone drink the government koolaid and not say a word, do as they were told, and live in fear. I was face first every day at work dealing with the "pandemic" with not much more than a tissue for protection for the first three months.
I couldn't understand where the fear and mindless obedience came from.

Then the orchestrated riots by socialists/anarchists/blacks happened that was sanctioned by states governors and cities mayors that for 6 weeks to months saw people killed, property destroyed and looted and law enforcement doing nothing to quell the uprisings. It was surreal, regular americans were told by the state that all of this was their fault and that we just had to bend for and take it. That the "peaceful protesting" was just and good for the nation. It was bizzaro world.

Then, we watched a election happen with so many irregularities, questionable events, and breaks in protocol that if it took place in any other country in the world the results would have been called illegitimate. But because it happened in the United States, it must be OK.

Then we watched idiots crash Congress during the certification of the electoral college in a attempt to see redress for perceived abuse. Politicians hiding behind armed police and security shit themselves on national TV. Yet the only people hurt or killed were protesters. Not one politician was touched. But the media and big 5 internet companies stated screaming insurrection and demanded a sitting president be forcibly removed from office, and blamed it all on "white supremacists".....

Then we watched the american people harrassed by these same tech and media giants, and for the first time in my life have their 1st ammendment rights taken away with applause and glee from the same politicians and their supporters that caused much of this strife in the first place.

To quote Star Wars, "Freedom dies to thunderous applause".

So in summary, we realize now we are in control of nothing beyond what we can touch with our hands or kick with our feet. We are under the jurisdiction of a government that not only does not care for us, but openly despises us for the color of our skin. We are presumed guilty before innocent. And if you dare to speak out you are silenced electronically since that is now the most common form of communication used today.

It's all so tiresome....

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