Hear! Hear!

I voted for Donald Trump. Twice. I liked his populist message of "do what's best for America,
and do what's best for the American worker." But he was very much a flawed candidate.

I began to see what people call the "Cult of Trump" when people repeatedly excused each
and every one of his foul-ups as "3D Chess", or "He's playing at an entirely different level."
And BOY! were his foul-ups numerous. Bad choices of nominees, accepting bad advice,
too many knee jerk actions, taking passive positions, etc.

Trump could certainly pack an arena for a good speech, but the tit sucking welfare leeches
are legion. And just because they couldn't be motivated to show up at a Biden speech
didn't mean they weren't going to turn out (or be bused in) to vote. In the back of my
mind I was always worried that BigMedia would drag Biden's carcass over the finish line.

After the election I suspected chicanery; however, my belief that it could be proven was
dashed as soon as I had heard about Tucker's spat with Mrs. "Release the Kraken".
Right then, I knew she didn't have the goods because there was no way that Tucker was
going to allow her to use him, or damage his reputation. When the Republican
fund raising bombs began in earnest, my inner cynic recognized a good fleecing was in
the works. At this point, Trump should have gracefully bowed out. As you correctly
observed, he continued to throw fuel on the fire. His entire presidency will be marred
by his final two weeks, and the media will make sure it sticks.

Anyway, cynical ol' geezers, like myself, have heard this all before. The world was going
to end when Bill Clinton got elected (twice); the world was going to end when Barack
Obama got elected (twice). Always the world was coming to an end, and always the world
went right on with living. Some things changed. And some things changed for the worse,
but everything that changed was outside my ability to influence or to abate. Younger
people can get caught up in the insanity because they lack the years of experience that
tells them that life goes on. Instead of worrying about what happens within the beltway
of D.C., perhaps a more selfish attitude of "how can I make the best of it?" would better
serve most people.

Recognize that the Republicans were never going to save us. ANTIFA didn't burn out
the center of several cities' business districts because they wanted to. They did it
because Government wanted them to do it. If it seems that everything happening today
appears to be part of Bizzaro World, it's because Congress wants it that way. All of
Congress (i.e. Republicans too!). They personally profit from the chaos. Everything
most people hear or read is Kabuki theater designed to whip them into a frenzy of

I don't believe for an instant that Trump intended for the unpleasantness to occur; however,
it was beyond foolish for him not to see the potential outcome of goading an already
emotional crowd, many of whom were already frenzied. Like you, I experienced a gut
reaction of pleasure at seeing Clowngress running for the doors, and like you I too had
an afterthought that this isn't the way things are supposed to happen.

I suspect that I would be more enthusiastic if the peaceful protestors had burned
down one of Google's (Alphabet's) massive server farms. Hit the bastards in the
wallets where it really hurts. What happened in D.C. accomplished nothing positive.

Life will go on, and all the chicken Littles of the board will move on to the next event
that will destroy the world and all of human life as we know it. ;-)

(DING!) NOTHING-BURGER MINUS MUSTARD IS UP! Next order is a nothing-burger
with fries to go.

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