Never been to CFA. They were supposed to build one in the local area...

In fact within convenient driving distance. Was looking forward to it. Because the only other one is in Portlandia and I'm loathe to drive there just for a chicken sandwich.

But that was a while ago and still nothing. Now I'm wondering if it's due to a revenue problem because they crapped on their loyal customers?

At this point I don't care if they build one or not.

What's ironic is after all this came out very clearly into the open, some uber liberals still urged boycotts and a mayor still wants CFA banned at the local airport.

So much for giving the corporate social signalling version of a blowjob to these leftists. They still hate CFA and will continue to kick it to the curb as long as the present CEO is there there and as long as they remain closed on Sundays.

So NOW far left are they going to swing to appease the unappeaseable?

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