Florida Man Attempted to Recruit ISIS To Attack Colleges That Suspended Him

A Florida man who was kicked out of two colleges after he allegedly sent several threatening text messages to a female student, was charged on Monday with attempting to recruit ISIS terrorists to attack the deans of the schools where he'd been suspended or expelled from, authorities said.

Salman Rashid, 23, of North Miami Beach, stands accused of soliciting someone to bomb Miami-Dade and Broward colleges, court documents filed in the United States District Court of Southern Florida reveal.

According to the documents, the investigation into Rashid began after he was accused of harassing a female student at Miami-Dade College last year by allegedly sending her threatening text messages that included one in which he told the victim that "the creator" had "decided our destiny and chosen separate paths for us."

Rashid wrote to her that they would meet again in the "hereafter," but that "things will be a little different. :)."

"You will not have excuses, will not be given a choice and will have to come closer to me," Rashid allegedly wrote.

Rashid was suspended last December for sending the texts, and again earlier this year from Broward College after he did not inform the school about what had occurred at MDC, the court document state.

Investigators with the Federal Bureau of Investigation began monitoring Rashid after his Facebook posts began displaying a "growing hatred for America, non-Muslims" and showed him expressing his desire to enact violent revenge against a perceived oppression of Muslims. A subsequent review of his online accounts revealed searches on "how to stalk someone's house" as well as promises to avenge violence against Muslims.

At one point, Rashid began speaking with two undercover FBI agents, striking up a friendship with them, at one point, telling them that he "wanted to leave this world because there is nothing for him," the documents revealed.

In May, Rashid began asking the FBI source that he look for fellow ISIS members who might be willing to launch an attack in the Miami area. When the sources were "successfully" recruited, Rashid allegedly provided the undercover sources the first and last names of the two deans at the schools he felt had wronged him as well as their office room number and even the location of the Miami-Dade College dean, the court documents state.

“These two people, they hate Islam more than everybody else out there… if these two people die, I can assure you that whoever kills these two people, their (afterlife) is guaranteed by Allah... these two people, they need to die," Rashid allegedly told the undercover FBI sources.

Rashid even provided one of the sources, who claimed to be a bombmaker, advice on when to plant explosives on campus, instructing him to wait when security was low.

“Most of the times there is barely security maybe one cop car stays there, in front, not in front, not all the time, maybe just one,” Rashid allegedly said.

Rashid faces a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted on all charges. It's unclear if he has a lawyer.