They are scared the Senate will hold a REAL investigation.

And I can't wait. Mr Whistle Blower, you will need to take the stand, Hunter Biden, Shifty Shift, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. We take our oath of office more serious than the Democrats do, and insist on the most thorough investigation possible. Of course half the Senators that are running for POTUS will be tied up during the campaign season, but we can't help that. Once the Senate finds any dirt at all, they need to chase it down the rabbit hole until they find the dirt pile. We know damned well the Democrats have a lot to hide and hate a public hearing. They wanted secret hearings where they could interview all witnesses to decide which ones they believed would put our President in the worse light and damage his election chances. They are wanting to damage his election chances and have no trial in the Senate to avoid exposing themselves as the treasonous liars they have always been. Wrong, get on with the impeachment, so WE can get on with running a real investigation that WE control. WE control the witnesses, WE get to control who can speak, WE get to say "you can't give time to another member of your party" etc. etc. etc. Lets see how they like the same rules in the Senate.

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