i guess the actors

claiming the pres is just projecting. those actors with TDS
well they all have one thing in common not one of the movies they have acted
in is worth watching .
having really liked limitless , watching de niro play the part of this over the hill
money manager . i didn’t like him or the garbage stereo type fund manager
he projected into the role . it just spoke volumes of how shallow deniro really is .
i think so many people only see the pro drug use message in that movie
but there was so much more to the real story.

that movie sort of prophesied the coming legalization attempt for mushrooms.
and LSD.
people are struggling to keep their lives stable. they want to have they’re
brains functioning to max potential.
which happens to the main character. and then the usual thing happens
the wealthy try to crush someone finally making good
without the group approval.

de niro is showing that side of hisself by attacking trump.

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