Re: "eating while reading"

My FIL was a plumber all his life, except when he went into the Army a week after Pearl Harbor and fought under Patton for the duration. After that nothing scared him. Anyway, he became a plumber and with the post-war boom unexpectedly did relatively well for himself, but he was always on the job. He said the only key to being a plumber is that you don't mind putting your hands in someone else's fresh shit.

Anyway, he once told a story about a black man named Toby he hired to help him dig pipe trenches and septic tank holes. He said that on one job an older sewer line had broken and was bubbling out of the ground. So he and Toby began digging. They dug a trench for a new pipe right next to the old one and ended up standing in their rubber boots as as he said; "fresh turds floated by". He asked Toby if he was okay and Toby replied:

"It makes me hongry!"


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