Actors seldom get ahead being conservative....
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In nearly every case conservative actors, actresses (can I still use that sexist word?) and comedians stayed in the closet in their early days and came out as conservative later, or they predated the Hollywood liberal machine.

Being conservative is luxury that most starting actors and actresses cannot afford. The Hollywood machine would relegate them to co-starring or supporting roles at best, basically little better than extras, or nothing at all.

Some even showed liberal attitudes when first starting their careers, and didn't expose their conservatism until they became too popular to relegate into obscurity.

Do a google search for: conservative actors. A pretty decent list shows. Some are RINOs, some are the real deal. But none are lunatic fringe leftists.

I recall reading an entertainment news story about Jane Fonda throwing a huge party at her home for new actors and actresses. The theme of the party was to "align" them with their pet causes. So in addition to the actors and actresses, they had lots of representatives from various movements there. Does anyone think for even a millisecond that there were representatives from the NRA, GOP, etc.? And if any of those who showed up were expecting to and voiced that, do you think their career took off? What the who thing was likely about was getting their toes in the door for movie parts via advocacy from various political groups in exchange for doing free advertising for those groups. Which is why you see airhead bimbo actresses who can't think and chew gum at the same time proclaiming "meat is murder" and "no one needs a gun", etc. That's their payback. They are expected to say it. Worse is when they get invited to testify before congress. Because acting in a movie makes them an expert on whatever the subject is.

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