It looked real good. Nicely done.

I've been tempted to get a cheap used blued Single Action Army and experiment with aging it.

Not sure if anyone offers them currently, but at one time Uberti and some others make SAA's with what was called Charcoal Blueing. This was a very bright light to medium blue that at first glance looked almost transparent. I've never seen an original SAA that had that kind of a finish. At a cowboy shoot, I was admiring the old SAA a guy had, and he said it was almost brand new. He bought one of these bright blue guns and soaked it in original Coca Cola, which turned it into a gray patina. Some areas could then be changed more by leaving cola soaked cloth on them. Over polished some areas to make them look worn, like the muzzle, cylinder edges, etc. He made a cool old gun from a brand new one. He stated that was actually the original intended purpose of the bright blue option - to allow aging the guns. If I come across a cheap used bright blued SAA I'd like to give this a whirl. Otherwise just experiment with a regular blued gun.

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