You are a smart man...

Started turning the ship two years ago, unfortunately after the damage was done. And overworking me chose to put off the relatively no big deal surgery until Defcon 1 and the more complex fix. Power lifting did not help, nor constant driving either.

Minus 45 pounds now, incredibly better diet, about 90-92 percent vegetarian at least, I was getting light and tight in the gym, but with the weight loss my girls say my body kind of has a magazine model look to it, which I guess it does if AARP had an issue like that. Much better sleep patterns. Much better stress/cortesol control, bp under control. So once I get the current work finished I should be good for at least a few more years, lol.

Great suggestion. My wife is huge into health, and she always states exactly what you state. Never chase the symptoms, chase the cause.

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