Lamer of the Day!! Yes...3 Crutches....

1 Crutch, Lame
2 Crutches, Lamer than Lame
3 Crutches, Really Lame
4 Crutches, Heavy Duty Lame
5 Crutches, Unbelievably, Ridiculously Lame

It goes something like that... someone Posted the Scale many years on the Old Real Subguns. Just saw the Crutch Reference and tried to write the Scale ,best I can remember. If someone has the Original Lame Scale, please post it. Maybe someone can/ will dress my Lame Scale up a bit. I apologize guys, I have little formal education, and not a good writer at all. There are some damn great writers here and I do appreciate each and every one of you. Enjoy reading your stories. The Old Real Subguns always had way more Personal Stories / Discussion / Debates than We have today. Awful lot of Links. Just saying. I'm Thankful as Hell, that we do have Snugbus, Links and Discussions. Just like the Old Real Subguns, just a little kinder, gentler. LOL! In ones olds age, you either get meaner that hell, or ya get calm, and always nice.
Half Assed Writer
PS. No doubt, there's someone here that has the Original Lame Scale

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