I may not be a lot of help....

One of 2 things... chip went bad and it is screwed up. Doubt it.

When the games are made or first used. You have to "set it up". You have a limited amount of controls to control a lot of functions. For example one joystick and a couple player buttons to use as track balls, multi player, steering wheel etc. When it is "set up" It will ask you up, down, left, right, fire, etc. and you are supposed to hit the appropriate button to work with what buttons you have. You will need to find a way into the menu to put it in setup mode.

I was going to make one of these machines a while back, but ended up buying a ready made cheaper. Mine is a 60 n 1 game. It has most of the popular arcade style games.

Not sure if you can figure out the manufacturer of the board and find the instructions.

Long work day... Will see if I find something.

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