Not many effective ways to dispose of remains:

talking real world, not Hollywood
today trace DNA will hang a perp even through family ties
it's not just Ancestry websites either
LE has been printing and swabbing youngsters for years now
same with DoD
everyone who is printed by Federal authorities these days gets swabbed and entered into CODIS whether they are later found innocent or guilty
growing number of States are doing it as well
Some Hospitals do it with all births

Bleach won't eliminate to transferred genetic materials totally either
you have maybe two or three options

main one is incineration
Get a 55 gallon barrel, insert body parts or body folded then fill with petrol
takes a week for the fuel to render into the flesh
then light er' on up
bones & teeth get hit with a high oxidizing welding torch until carbonized then powdered with a hammer
no DNA coming back from that, either the perp or over for forensics

The other is acid reduction. Used to be a Mob thing to use plating works in New York and Chicago as well as Detroit
The Purple Gang, a Jewish Syndicate in MI were big into that

grinding into animal feed and turning people into Hog or Mink turds don't work very well as the victims DNA will make it through the gastric system

Sometimes crime families controlled grave yards
folks were disappeared under someone elses casket
Other cases they owned crematoria operations

Indians on reservations used to take a body out in the deep swamp woods and drop a small to medium Pine tree over them
by the time the needles fell off the tree even most of the bones were ate clean & scattered by wildlife

Lakes are about the poorest option
Last I looked into it over 50% of America had their DNA on file somewhere, myself included
then again, if you have close relatives that served in the Armed forces anytime in the last 30+ years your familial DNA is already on File
many other sectors of employment are DNA filed as well these days

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