Cannabis was only legalized so Tax Addicts could take their Cut

Read some reports regarding the situation, it's more than just taxes...

1st off there are only very limited communities that have allowed stores to be opened
what this means is dopers have to drive in some cases over 200 miles to go to a licensed Pot Shop
Starting to see issues yet ?

yeah the Weed is legal
tons of assholes are growing and getting high on their own supply too, even just a couple plants in the closet or backyard
Jason & Janice with a personal operation in the pantry are not targeted whatsoever, trust me there's plenty of that
High School buddy has a few plants in his back yard out in Turlock.
Cops don't even care
His wife actually reported to County Cops when somebody raided the magic garden and ripped off their plants recently. yeah they filed a damn' Police report for theft and burglary
He said they were going to see if their homeowners policy was going to cover it all given the Police reports !
I'm like WTF ?

He's not trailer trash either, serious professional money guy, beautiful home
His now adult daughters tend the patch with moms, everyone gets their reefer and nobody goes to any Pot shop
I'm not into this shit anymore, have not been for decades
I'm cool with folks growing it for personal consumption
thing was for Sacremento Tax Addicts it was all made legal to make money

So you place a 50% tax on say fresh Tomatoes
guess what, folks will say fuck off and grow their own which is exactly what has happened in the land of fruits and nuts

it's really not so called illegal weed that's killing it but lack of access and folks growing their own

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