Youtube Terms of Service Changing soon

I have seen a few youtube video's of people trying to explain the new changes and it looks like youtube not only shuts down your access to youtube, but since it is a google product they shut down your entire google account. That would include your Android device contacts, backups, Google Drive, the photo backup they offer since they purchased Android. One guy said he had asked subscribers to his account to spam a emote to vote on a question he had. His subscribers had their accounts shut down for simply that. They are also specifically saying if they don't believe your account is making them money they can shut it down too. If you have video that has been uploaded, you may want to save it. If you have video on youtube you might want to download before they decide to shut down a channel, now might be the time. They also had phrase in there about any content that may cause harm to others, well that in the minds of the liberal Google company likely includes anything to do with guns. If you have a good channel that has lots of how to video's you may want to download them to your personal hard drive as well. I am sure the "flaggits" will be flagging anything conservative and gun related to try to get it shut down buy the automated system. I hear convincing Google to change their minds isn't easy easy.

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