Power of the One John

two troubles were due to just one Man who targeted me as his ladder of career advancement
again, I am in no way claiming I was not guilty just that I was an easy target for his goals
if not me than someone else and he was not even a Fed
just a local druggie pigger.

yeah we smoked weed, even dropped LSD. Sometimes mine and other times his
He was the Hashish guy
want the sad truth ?
as a 22 year old I was duped into running it a few blocks from an undercover tard who is now our City Attorney to that Narc
State LE supplied Hash
of course no one else was busted

I refused to set my friends up
exposed their rats
in return they launched a federal investigation on Dad. See all that State hash they were feeding us was according to them, coming from Canada and my father was letting me smuggle it in !

That's when I slid totally off all the rocks
Bust me Okay
attack my's over
I blew out their entire operation particularly that the task force was supplying dope to their pushers to make cases
they admitted this in Court

pretty similar to what my President is facing now
but there are consquences when you do these things

As far as innocent fucks doing time ?
DoJ has long stated at least a 5 to 7% rate on wrongful death penalty convictions
lets just take 1% as bad convictions
we have well over two milion locked up in prisons
still thousands of people innocent of any actual crime at a 1% failure rate
don't apply to me, I was guilty of violating tax codes
I only argue their validity as actual law

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